A man looking for the truth about his parentage, confronts a dying man whom he thinks is his real father.

The Pitch

  • Movie ‘Winter’s Bone’ comes to mind but with a quest of a different sort.
  • In about 9 minutes we will find out that sometimes its not the truth that sets you free.


  • Short Film
  • Genre: Drama
  • Estimated Run Time: 9 min 20 sec
  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: 30 to 60
  • Rating: PG


Vishal a man in early thirties reluctant to get married to his beloved fiancé Shelly because he has doubts about his own parents’ relationship and his real parentage. He suspects that his mother Mala had an affair and his father Surjit wasn’t his real father. He has also heard rumours about his grand father’s adultery and he’s afraid that this maybe a family trait and will one day jeopardise his own married life. Vishal didn’t think himself ready to find the truth until he was confronted and encouraged by Shelly’s father Mr.Sharma to go and talk to the person he thinks is his real father, his parent’s best friend from their youth Uncle Dutt who is in his deathbed.

Uncle Dutt, denies to be Vishal’s real father or being romantically involved with his mother.

Vishal accepts that as truth and goes back to marry her fiancé Shelly.

Uncle Dutt however, didn’t tell Vishal the truth about his relationship with his mother and as he takes his final breaths sees apparition of Vishal’s mother Mala and father Surjit, apologies for lying to their son in order to protect their memories in their son’s mind.