Since 2012 I have been regularly involved with Television both broadcast TV and online. Initially I worked as a volunteer with a religious community channel ‘Sangat TV‘ producing talk shows, live music programmes and adverts. 

In 2013 I founded an online TV channel Southall TV with an established Punjabi lyricist Sukhvir Sodhi. Southall TV was also a community based channel and was more of a passion project and for that I created and collaborated in many projects of many varieties from talk shows to short films.

For Southall TV I worked as a producer, director and also a presenter all the way up to 2020 and sometimes still do but not on a regular basis.

In 2020 I teamed up with a legendary UK radio presenter Sarita Sabharwal and co-founded an online radio ‘Dhoom Radio’ where I worked as a programme director, trainer and presenter.

Unfortunately, I don’t even have access to a lot of my work done in the past but here are some examples of my work both past and present as producer and director:


WHITE SHADOW is my latest Short film as Writer/Director, which is produced by Earthwalker Films, has been featured at Golden State Film Festival, California and  has been selected as finalist for Gold Remi Award at 56th WorldFest – Huston International Film Festival.

The premise of the films is about our inner mental and emotional struggles. The films presents this as a struggle between desire and conscience, where both want a stronger control over a persons emotions and behaviour.

It is a philosophical piece and the idea for this film came to me after listening to a spiritual discourse by His Holiness Sant Mahraz Trilochan Das Ji.

Golden State Film Festival 23


TRUTH BENEATH MY LIE is one of my latest Short films as Writer/Director, currently in development phase. 

The story is about a man looking for the truth about his parentage, confronts a dying man whom he thinks is his real father.

THANK YOU is another one of my latest Short films as Writer/Director, currently in development phase. 

The story is about a selfish playboy who loses a fortune after he leaves his friend’s business card with a one night stand.