From a spontaneous idea to an unexpected gem, ‘Frank’s Money’ emerged from the creative sparks of a casual gathering. Actor Suki Chott, stunts coordinator Tom Jackson, and I found ourselves idly brainstorming at my place when the notion struck to capture a few impromptu scenes and steeped in improvisation. Yet, as we beheld the final result, it became evident that within the raw footage lay the seeds of a compelling narrative. Thus, fuelled by inspiration, I embarked on a journey of storytelling, weaving together the dispersed threads of our improvised scenes into a cohesive tale. ‘Frank’s Money’ stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of creativity—wherein a spur-of-the-moment decision yields unforeseen rewards. However, the story of Frank’s Money also serves as a reminder that impulsiveness carries with it the inherent risk of failure, with consequences that can reverberate to the extreme. Through this short cinematic venture, we explore the dichotomy of impulsive action, showcasing the stark reality of its pitfalls.

Frank's Money

In a sudden twist of fate, a rash decision catapults a man and his family into a perilous game of survival, pitting them against a notorious gangster and his ruthless hired assassin.
In this action thriller, lives hang in the balance, and the line between predator and prey blurs with each passing moment.

Suki Chott – Dan
Richard K Hill – Frank
Tom Jackson – Tony
Chelsea Wood – Tracy
Phoebe Smith – Sarah Jackson

Guest Appearance: Anthony Dunkley – The Bouncer

Produced by Elle Zahra

Written and Directed by Rowdy Farooqi

Location and Casting:
Suki Chott

Stunts Coordinator:
Tom Jackson

Brookes Bistro
Aura Lounge Birmingham MSB Accountant Services London

Special Thanks To:
Manjit Bambra ABPD

A Rowdy Productions Presentation