Portrait Photography

It’s all about Skin – Is a collaboration between myself and amazing makeup artist Elle Zahra. Ellle is a patinate promotor of makeup not as a mask to hide under but rather a tool to enhance one’s natural beauty. Our model is Fadhillah Ottomon who is a relatively new comer in the industry but already has all the elements of a professional model in making.

A Touch of Soft – Inspired by the style of amazing Vivienne Mok. It’s classic. However its definitely not my preferred style for my own work but I still love it and wanted to pay a homage to the great artist. More images are on their way.
Model: Flur Golding, Dresses by: Olena But, Hair & Makeup: Franchesca Cambell-Lewis.

Rise of the Phoenix is my first portrait work in 6 years. Over the years my day job nudged me towards Product Photography but thanks to my dearest friend Elle Zahra, who became my inspiration to get back into my creative self, so be assure there is more on the horizon.
Also, thanks to my good friend and my model Bobby Solakni aka b solo for all his encouragement and support.

Products & Services Photography

For some times now, my full time job is designing, developing and managing websites. A lot of my work involves e-commerce and products. I can’t remember exactly when, but one day I found myself doing more photography capturing products and services than portraits.

Even though a lot of professionals don’t consider product photography a fine art form, but I am proud of my work nevertheless.