Overdrive was one of the heaviest acts in Pakistan during 1993-1995 era. Our debut single ‘Zameen’ was one of the most amazing tracks to come in Pakistan and gave Overdrive a massive fan following. The band broke up because of no ample support by the media at that time. In 2005 the band was re-united and released their album recorded in 1994-95, ‘Anarchist Growl’.

Vocals: Faisal Butt (Except Zameen By Salman), Guitars: AQ, Drums: Rowdy Farooqi, Bass: Tabish Ahmed.

In mid 2018 we have re-united once again and have released a single ” Zindagi”.

Vocals and Bass: Tabish Ahmed, Guitars: AQ, Drums: Rowdy Farooqi.