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ROWDY PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is the outcome of over 25 years of experience in audio, video, radio, television and advertising.

The company was established in 2008 by a highly experienced and established music & video producer ROWDY FAROOQI.

From the onset the main objective of ROWDY PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is to provide and cater for almost every aspect of an audio/video project, from planning to production-mastering, making us a true one stop media solution.

With a flexible, modern approach, ROWDY PRODUCTIONS LIMITED is equipped with latest tools of trade and all the expertise to provide industry standard production.

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We worked hard and long to acquire the expertise and the knowledge we have but we believe in giving back. We also believe that with right guidance, support and hard work anyone can learn any trade and become an expert. For that we have introduced several media courses with multiple options such as online courses, group workshops and one to one coaching and mentoring.

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